"We have to shape our own perception of how we see ourselves."

- Beyonce

Jameela Ezzi

Skilled Rehabilitation therapist owning a private clinic of her now after serving the government for 10 years. She finds pleasure in treating NeuroMuscular Disorders, Injury Prevention, and Sports Rehab Programmes and has a keen interest in pain Management.

Exercises & Tips 


We love to think of creative ways in which you can manage a lifestyle free of pain. 

Personalized Pain Management Plans


We treat people of all ages with acute and chronic ailments are treated. We place a strong emphasis on home exercise programs and patient education for better long-term results.

Corporate Clients

Dubai Homeopathy Health Center,
Villa 756,
Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3,
Dubai, U.A.Eā€‹

Tel: +971 4 395 3333

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