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8 ways to beat aches and pains because of prolonged sitting

A large number of studies have demonstrated the health challenges you face when you sit for long hours each day. Inactivity promotes the development of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity, to name just a few chronic conditions associated with being sedentary. Unfortunately, a highly technological society does not, by its very nature, encourage a great deal of activity.

The average working in an office easily sits between 12 to 15 hours each day. Even a strong workout in the morning cannot undo the damage to your body when you sit behind a desk for eight hours. To avoid much of the damage created from excessive sitting, it's important to sit less than three hours a day. I typically seek to sit under one hour a day.

A simple strategy may improve your physical ability as you age

You may be surprised at how many hours you sit each day, especially if you participate in daily exercise. Take a few minutes for three to four days to record the amount of time you exercise, sit or stand. This will help to give you an indication of your risk factor for developing metabolic syndrome or losing your independence. One simple strategy to reduce your risk is to move more, every day. However, while simple, it can be challenging to accomplish. Here are several tactics you may consider:

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